Giving Back


Although I have travelled the world and lived in great cities like London and New York, my soul will always be in that one special place - Africa!  

I was born in Zimbabwe and I was very fortunate to have a beautiful childhood there.  A childhood I still dream about.  My love of art started with my passion for the African thunderstorms that would rumble across the landscapes like a dark curtain, firing lightning and thunder from the sky.  As a kid I would sit by myself in the 'veld' and daydream, while everyone would run and hide!  I wanted to be there in the middle of it all.  I discovered this was my first ever 'high' in life!  The smell, the taste, the natural colours and beauty...  it's energy would captivate me for hours.  

I will never forget what made me, and where I came from, which is why I support a charity which gives back hope to the lost children of Zimbabwe. The 'forgotten' children. 'Zimbabwe's Forgotten Children', was a documentary that was filmed in secret, in Zimbabwe.  It was aired on BBC and it exposed the horror and sufferring these children experience daily.  It was horrific to watch and many who saw this documentary were heartbroken, yet someone I know, Sharon Thompson, decided she couldnt live with herself if she did not help.  She took matters into her own hands and discovered these same children were still living abandoned with 1000's more.  Sharon Thompson, now runs a small charity dedicated to these children, and works so hard and tirelessly, to try and give them, the same Africa we once had.  I am so proud to say Sharon is one of my closest friends, a true african kindred spirt, like me.  For once I feel safe knowing that the money I donate will actually in end up helping these children.  'Every single penny' is accounted for as Sharon tells me.  

To support her cause, a percentage of ALL of my art sales will be donated to the charity she runs.  For more information please see her website Zimbabwes' Children.